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Engineered in Germany

We stand for high quality, durability and reliability. This part of our DNA was planted by our German parent company being a leading supplier for large format prints, textile architecture and aluminum construction for 30 years.

Max Size Printing

Large Format Printers are the core of our company. With a maximum width of 5 meters there are few limitations to your graphics.

In addition to UV-Printing, Procedes provides latex and dye-sub printing. We are one of only a few suppliers capable of high quality and brilliant dye-sub prints in these dimensions.


Our project team supports you from the start to guarantee the best success of your project. 

​With an experienced engineering team in the background, Procedes has the capabilities to quickly provide initial visualizations, develop custom parts and support you with installation guides.

Digital Procedes

Our internally developed, proprietary software allows intuitive 3D configuration of the Procedes portfolio, providing 2D and 3D planning data to create quotes and orders 24/7. Our integrated workflow tool enables us to track and trace your order from the start to serve you with real-time information.

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